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2O'Connor Mortuary Style Guide3rd Edition, February, 20121. Company Name The company name is "O'Connor Mortuary" (singular), without any designation of a corporation (Inc., or LLC) and without mention of any location(s). Whenever possible and appropriate, visual presentation of the company name should be accompanied by the basic O'Connor logo. Unless prevented by space limitations, the company toll-free number and internet URL should always be shown somewhere in the content, larger than the body copy. The formats are "1-877-872-2736 Anytime" and "". When presented as a header (in a display ad, mailer, or literature), the company name will be shown in Palatino Bold horizontal scale 83%). 2. LocationsThe company has three locations, which are to be described as:. "Laguna Hills Chapel and Crematory". "Irvine Arrangement Center". "San Juan Capistrano Arrangement Center"When locations are to be mentioned in descriptive copy, the preferential descriptions will be:. Name (as above) plus Laguna Hills address and satellites with "Center Name" and street inter­section and city with telephone and facsimile numbers plus applicable FD number (moderate space permitting);. Name (as above) plus Laguna Hills address and satellites with "Center Name" and address, city, state, and zip code with telephone and facsimile numbers plus applicable FD number (maximum space); or. Name (as above) plus Laguna Hills address and satellites with "Center Name" and city with telephone and facsimile numbers plus applicable FD number (minimal space)For Irvine, the designation is "Centerstone Plaza" at Culver and Barranca. For San Juan Capistrano, the designation is "Serra Plaza" at Paseo Adelanto and Del Obispo.For print applications, it must be determined which specific situations require display of the state license number for that location.

3O'Connor Mortuary Style Guide3rd Edition, February, 20123. Graphic ElementsO'Connor Mortuary LogoThe primary logo is shown above. The word "O'Connor, is displayed in a fancy script and font name, "Bickham Script Pro" is displayed in black. In the bottom section, the name "Mortuary" is displayed in a san serif font. The "Mortuary" font name was created using "Gothic Book", in deep brown over white background. The sunset was created in 4-color process using an orange and yellow radial gradation. When reproduced in 2-color format, the words, "O'Connor" and "MORTUARY" will use black and the Sunset will use the Pantone 180 orange radial gradation. The image is stored in high-resolution vector format, PDF universal file format, which may be scaled up or down as needed and should output in high resolution format at a minimum of (300 dpi, 150 line screen) for four-color printing and in low-resolution format (72 dpi) for television and internet use.The Logo Tag LineWhenever practical, a second element of the company image will appear below the logo: the tagline, "Trust when it's needed the most." (to include a "period"). This will use the Adobe Garamond Pro Italic font, horizontal scale 100% and -2 tracking setting. This tag may be omitted if space is limited, or if a televised slide will be displayed for too short a period of time for it to be read.Unless required by a specific situation, text copy will be presented in orange color shown above for 4-color print reproduction and RGB web reproduction, and black for all other reproduction formats except when white text over a black background is appropriate, such as church bulletins. This excludes jobs which require 2-color printing. When 2-color printing is required, the 4-color process sunset will be substituted with PMS 180 Orange.The Official Primary Accent Colors Pantone 289 Blue (CMYK formula: 100% cyan, 64% magenta, 0% yellow, 60% black) may be used as a solid panel of color behind the O'Connor Mortuary Logo and the O'Connor web address or in text for advertising, marketing materials and signage, as an "accent color". Pantone 180 (CMYK formula: 0% cyan, 79% magenta, 100% yellow, 11% black may also be used as a solid primary accent color as needed. The Official Secondary ColorsThe folowing five O'Connor Mortuary secondary colors are available for 4-color print or web reproduction. These five colors may be used as solid color or in percentage tints of the color as a secondary design element. Green (48% cyan, 35% magenta, 78% yellow, 3% black) Mauve (18% cyan, 71% magenta, 57% yellow, 2% black) Yellow (12% cyan, 32% magenta, 95% yellow, 0% black) Teal (79% cyan, 34% magenta, 32% yellow, 5% black) Brown (53% cyan, 62% magenta, 71% yellow, 50% black)The Recommended TypefacesShown on the following pages, are the preferred format for use in most O'Connor Mortuary publications. Their consistent applications will establish continuity of appearance that will support the effectiveness of the identity program.The Official Primary Font Typefaces The entire Palatino font family (Book Antigua as substitute) may be used for serif applications and the entire Myriad font family (Arial as substitute) may be used for sans serif applications.Note: See the following 8 sample pages of acceptable use of O'Connor Mortuary Logo when used with the location information.O'ConnoTrust when it's needed the most.