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17O'Connor Mortuary Style Guide3rd Edition, February, 201214. Implementation and ApprovalIf radio advertising is purchased, the name "O'Connor Mortuary" will be used to identify the company15. External Print Artwork will be designed, produced and maintained by Leah Ligotti at:Graphically SpeakingTelephone: 949-661-0553Facsimile: 949-661-3942Email: info@graphically-speaking.com16. Internal Print ArtworkFor pieces we print internally on a color printer, Pat Kolstad will direct the layout for all departments for uniformity. Television ads will be prepared by the selling channel/network/station.17. ProofreadingThe person submitting the original request/artwork to Graphically Speaking is responsible for the initial proof-reading to insure proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, factual accuracy, and required details such as FD number, if appropriate. That same person is responsible for final proof of the finished artwork before it is sent to the Marketing Officer for final approval.18. Final approval All copy and artwork for all media rests with Neil O'Connor as the company Marketing Officer. He may delegate an additional proofreading, if appropriate. Email: Neil. The Marketing Officer will insure annual review and revision, if necessary, of this Style Guide.Approved:___________________________________Neil O'Connor Date ApprovedLast updated April 3, 2013

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