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14O'Connor Mortuary Style Guide3rd Edition, February, 20129. Building and Vehicle SignageAt this time, the issue of building signage applies only to Laguna Hills, since both satellite locations are in office buildings which do not permit external signage.The Laguna Hills lighted sign is in two parts, and should read "O'Connor Mortuary" and "Chapel and Crematory" in those two sections in order to be consistent with our uniform policy for presentation of the company name and locations. A separate sign below gives our URL. It is not appropriate to display our toll-free number on this sign, as it is not one that people are likely to remember and we don't want to try to stimulate people to call us while driving.Hearses will display the O'Connor Logo" as shown below in the backseat side windows on both sides. The company name is not displayed in limousines.On utility/flower vans, we will display both the toll-free number and our URL in block letters in black, centered low along each side. The logo is shown in color on the top panel near the rear.The logo, telephone number, and URL are displayed on the back doors of the van (the logo and tag line at top, rear of van, and the phone number and web address across the bottom of center door).

15O'Connor Mortuary Style Guide3rd Edition, February, 201210. Advertising NoveltiesThis category presents unique situations due do the wide potential variance of available space, colors, and materials. Emphasis Priority will be given to display of:. The logo and/or company name. Toll-free number. URL. Locations by cityThe logo will only be used in full color if it can be shown in color with the exception of applications that require Metallic Silver or Metallic Gold, which will require use of the 1-color black logo format. All text will be in a dark color, preferably black. But, where the background is black, white text will be used. When color is available, the official colors may be used to maintain consistency.Acceptable ConfigurationsShown below are acceptable horizontal and vertical configurations for display of the Logo and Company name and contact information. Logo, Company Name and Tag line . Logo, Company Name and Tag line, Individual Branch Name and Location Address, Phone Number, FD Number, Toll-Free Number, and Web Address. Logo, Company Name and Tag line, All 3 Location Names, Location Address, and Location Phone Number, as well as Toll-Free Phone Number and Web Address Note: See the following sample page of acceptable use of O'Connor Mortuary Logo when used in Novelty Items.11. Staff PhotosWe already have individual photos and a group photo of the principals in formal (suit-and-tie) format. Similar photos in dressy, but casual, attire will be used when staff photos are appropriate. This is to further our goals of presenting comfortability and approachability.Casual clothing, such as polo shirts or blazers, which may be provided for customer-contact personnel will display the secondary logo on or above the left pocket.12. TelevisionTelevision commercials and billboards will be developed with a consistent theme, look, and feel for each campaign, which will be carried over into simultaneous print advertising. The sunset background will be used consistently for the closing slide, and the minimum copy will be company name, logo + "Trust when it's needed the most.", Toll-free number, and URL. The company tag line will always be spoken as part of the ad copy in every ad.13 RadioIf radio advertising is purchased, the name "O'Connor Mortuary" will be used to identify the company, but any repeated references will be simply to "O'Connor." The company tag line, "Trust when it's needed the most.", and URL will be spoken once but the toll-free number will be spoken twice. If mentioned, locations will be identified by city only.