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12O'Connor Mortuary Style Guide3rd Edition, February, 2012O'Connor Mortuary Company Photo ImageA uniform company background "sunset" has been selected, and is to be used in any color media where it is appropriate. It is a color photograph of a sunset over the ocean (at right). It should be cropped so that most of the blue ocean is removed to focus the viewer's attention on the sunset, and so it can be adapted to a wide format (sample, below).The wide format is suitable for television, and should be consistently used behind the closing slide, which presents the company name.The vertical format may be as an alternative format shown at right.4. Print Media, ColorColor print media includes flyers, mailers, and display ads.Flyers, mailers, and display ads will be formatted consistently using the sunset background for the cover/title page and, as appropriate, for the background. This will require a four-color printing process. We will prepare layouts to mechanical specifications, which may be required by media publishers. Content will include the basic logo with "Trust when it's needed the most.", our Laguna Hills FD number in small type, and mention of all three locations with the toll-free phone number, web address and FD number.5. Print Media, Black-and-WhiteBlack-and-white media includes newspapers, church bulletins, forms, and some event flyers. These will be prepared with black text over white background, except for church bulletins for which a decision to reverse the colors is made. Content will be determined by available space and rules by the church or publisher.6. Print Media, 2-ColorThe 2-color logo files have been provided as an alternative option, when printing budget is limited.Content will include the basic logo and tag line, "Trust when it's needed the most.", and will include all three locations addresses, phone and fax number, corresponding telephone and facsimile numbers, FD numbers and will include the toll-free phone number, and web address.

13O'Connor Mortuary Style Guide3rd Edition, February, 2012 7. LiteratureCompany literature is to be minimized in quantity as we seek to combine and simplify our literature system. The cover/title page look and feel is to be consistent from piece to piece without looking identical (so they are not confused with one another). The sunset background will be used consistently, and may optionally be used as the background for the body copy. The company name, logo, toll-free number, and URL will be prominently shown on the cover/title page of all literature.Stationery (consisting of at least letterhead, business cards, and statements) will not utilize the sunset background, but will display the logo plus "Trust when it's needed the most." To avoid a cluttered appearance, business cards will display the details of the two satellite locations on the backside. On the front will be:. Company name. Toll-free phone number. Internet URL. Person's name, title, and FD license number. Person's telephone and facsimile number. Person's cell phone number (optional). Person's e-mail address. Laguna Hills address8. Electronic ArtworkBlack and white versions of the O'Connor Mortuary Logo are available in PDF format for print reproduction and are compatible for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.1-color, 2-color, and 4-color versions of O'Connor Mortuary Logo are available in PDF format for printing. All versions of logo art will be in PDF (vector format) which means they may be successfully scaled up or down in size as needed. A copy of the Style Guide is available in electronic publication format . All logo files and grapic files are available for download at (Click on "Style Guide" link to enter the electronic publication). Once the publications opens browse the pages to find the logo you require, then click on the selected logo to download.