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4Air Conditioning and Heat517 West 121st: Each unit is equipped with central air conditioning/heat and a wall-mounted thermostat so that residents may maintain and adjust the temperature to their liking. New York City law requires that heat (if temperature dictates) be provided to residents through May 31 which means that air-conditioning may not be available until June 1. If the unit is not functioning properly, a work order should be submitted to the Office of Facilities. Bancroft, Grant, Sarasota, and Whittier Halls: Residents who would like an air conditioner must purchase their own unit(s). Residents are responsible for arranging installation and removal of the unit by an insured professional.  Residents are encouraged to acquire a copy of proof of insurance and retain this for their records.  Maintenance of the ac unit is the sole responsibility of the resident.  For tips on air conditioner installation, please go to:Air Conditioner Installation TipsHeat is generated by radiators located in each unit. Heat is activated centrally as determined by New York City temperature regulation standards. To turn heat on, turn the radiator valve located at the bottom of the radiator to the fully open position (counter-clockwise). The valve must be fully open or fully closed - do not use an intermediate position as this will damage the valve and create a noisy radiator condition. Do not open/close the valve in the middle of a heating cycle as this will trap water creating a noise condition and possible leaks. If the unit is not functioning properly, a work order should be submitted to the Office of Facilities. Apartment Condition Report/ Room Condition Report (ACR/RCR)The (ACR/RCR) is used by the Office of Residential Services to compare the condition of your room/apartment at the time of move-in with the condition of your room/apartment at the time of move-out. Upon obtaining a copy of your (ACR/RCR), you should inspect your room/apartment and note any discrepancies you find between your unit and the (ACR/RCR). Please submit discrepancies to the Office of Residential Services within 48 hours of your move-in. The original (ACR/RCR) will be updated to reflect any changes. If upon move-out the condition of the room/apartment and its furnishings do not match the condition noted on the (ACR/RCR) at move-in, the damages may be charged to your student account.Automated Teller Machines (ATM)A Citibank automated teller machine (ATM) is located in the Commuter Lounge in the basement of the Teachers College Arthur Zankel building. A small fee, per transaction, is charged for the use of the ATM by non-Citibank customers.

5AutomobilesResidents who have cars may park in a garage or on the street. When deciding about keeping a car in the city, residents should keep in mind that street parking is limited, particularly during street cleaning, and garage space can be extremely expensive. Teachers College/Columbia does not have designated parking areas. The nearest public parking garage is on 122nd Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.Bicycles In New York City, bicycles can often be difficult to store, dangerous to ride in traffic, and vulnerable to theft. If a resident chooses to keep a bicycle on campus, he or she must store the bicycle in his/her room/apartment or in a designated bike storage area. Bike racks are located behind Whittier Hall and Bancroft Hall. Bicycles may not be left in any residential common space including hallways, stairwells, bathrooms, kitchens, lounges, roofs, suites, and balconies or placed in front of or near access ramps and railings used by students with disabilities. Billing and FeesSemester housing charges are due the first Friday after classes commence or as dictated by the Office of Student Accounts. Residents who are unable to pay their semester housing fees by the due date in the assignment letter should speak to a representative from the Office of Student Accounts regarding the deferred payment plan. Note: the deferred payment plan is not offered in the summer. Various forms of payment are accepted for tuition and fees and may be used individually or in combination. Teachers College accepts checks, money orders, and cash. For a complete explanation of payment methods, please visit Student Accounts at: Student Account Payment MethodsBuilding Access and Security517 West 121st:The desk located is the first floor lobby of the South building is staffed by a Public Safety Officer 24 hours a day. All residents must present a valid TC ID card to enter the building and must also present the card to the reader located at the security desk. Bancroft Hall: The entrance is staffed 24 hours a day by a Public Safety Officer. To enter Bancroft, all residents and affiliates must present their TC ID to the reader at the security desk. If you wish to enter Bancroft through Grant or Sarasota you may do so by going through the basement of either building. You will need your TC ID card in order to open the doors. Continued