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32Contractual Rules, Policies and Regulations W. Weapons 1. Any weapon or object that may be considered a weapon by the College in its sole and absolute discretion, or any object that may cause bodily harm to the bearer or another individual is strictly prohibited. In unclear cases of definition, the context in which a particular object is used shall determine whether it is a weapon, such determination to be made by the College in its sole and absolute discretion. Objects that are included in this category, but not limited to, are firearms, stun guns, pellet guns, explosives, dangerous chemicals, ammunition, bows & arrows, knives, slingshots, etc.2. Possession of fireworks (firecrackers, bottle rockets, etc.) of any variety, manufactured by either an individual or a company is prohibited.X. Window Guards1. Window guards are required in all Bancroft, Grant, and Sarasota units in all windows except designated fire escape.2. Window guards may only be removed by Facilities personnel for the purpose of air conditioner installation.Important DatesFall Semester 2011September 2 Fall Move-In For New Residents In All BuildingsSeptember 9 Fall Semester Housing Charges DueSeptember 26 Transfer Requests Accepted On-LineOctober 14 Transfer Requests DueOctober 14 Fall Vacate Notification Form (VNF) DueDecember 22 Fall Semester Move-OutSpring Semester 2012January 6-8 Transfer WeekendJanuary 15 New Resident Move-InJanuary 20 Spring Semester Housing Charges DueFebruary 6 Transfer Requests Accepted On-LineMarch 9 Transfer Requests DueMarch 9 Spring Vacate Notification Form (VNF) DueMarch 19 2012-2013 Housing Contracts DistributedMarch 19 Housing ExpoMarch 30 2012-2013 Housing Contracts DueApril 13 Summer A and Summer B Vacate Notification Form (VNF) DueMay 9 Spring Move-Out (non-graduating residents)May 18 Spring Move-Out (graduating residents)