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28Contractual Rules, Policies and RegulationsCONTRACTUAL RULES, POLICIES AND REGULATIONSResidents will be in default of the Contract if they, their affiliates, their guests or their pets violate any policies and regulations listed in section VIII of the Contract, in the Teachers College Student Conduct Code, or any local, state, or federal laws in any of the College's Residence Halls.A. Air Conditioners1. Residents residing in Bancroft, Grant, Sarasota and Whittier Halls may obtain air-conditioners.2. Resident must have air conditioner(s) installed and removed by a licensed and insured professional installer. B. Children1. Resident is legally and/or financially responsible for the actions of children under their care.2. Children should be under adult supervision at all times, including in any community spaces.C. Computer / Network Usage1. Computer and network usage within Teachers College Housing must comply with Columbia University usage policy as found at Disorderly conduct1. Resident is legally and contractually responsible for his/her actions in all mental and physical conditions. 2. Resident is strictly prohibited from the following:a. Engaging in loud or excessive noise: including music, voice, musical instruments, unattended alarm clocks, etc.;b. Disrupting other Residents' attempts to study or sleep;c. Throwing objects from windows, roof tops, window ledges, fire escapes, or any other protrusions or surfaces;d. Throwing glass, wire hangers, large objects or any hazardous materials down trash chutes;e. Standing or sitting on roof tops, window ledges, fire escapes, or any other protrusions or exterior surfaces;f. Failing to comply with a directive from an official agent/staff member of the College. E. Drugs/ Controlled Substances1. The unlawful manufacture, possession, use or distribution of alcohol, or other controlled substances on or about the campus or any site of a College-sponsored or sanctioned activity is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated. 2. Drug paraphernalia are not permitted in the Residence Halls. F. Emergency Notification1. Resident is required to complete an Emergency Notification Form (ENF) to provide contact information which may be used by College officials in the event of an emergency.2. Resident is required to elect whether to provide or not to provide contact information for an individual that can be contacted no later than 24 hours after said Resident is determined to be missing. The Contact will be made in compliance with the College's Missing Student procedures.

29Contractual Rules, Policies and Regulations 3. Resident agrees and understands that it is his/her responsibility to up-date, in writing, any changes in ENF information to the Office of Residential Services as changes occur. G. Facilities and Furnishings1. Furnishing, appliances & equipment provided by the College, as indicated on the Apartment/Room Condition Report may not be altered or removed from the unit or common areas, without written approval by the Office of Residential Services.2. Resident may not paint the Unit or make any alternations or repairs to the Unit.3. Resident is responsible for maintaining the Unit and its surroundings, removing and disposing of refuse materials regularly and properly, and maintaining sani-tation and safety standards determined by the College. Resident may be charged and agrees to pay a cleaning fee for failure to comply.a. Resident shall pay the College for any expenses necessary to repair or re-place college-owned property damaged by Resident, their guests, affiliates and/or pets.b. Resident is responsible for notifying College of deteriorating condition of his/her unit and/or furnishings.H. Fire Safety1. Tampering and/or removal of fire safety equipment, leaving stove/oven unattended, failure to evacuate during fire alarm, and propping doors open are prohibited. 2. Cooking, other than via microwave, is prohibited in small efficiency rooms in 517 West 121st and single and suite bedrooms in Whittier Hall.3. Never overload circuits or run extension cords under carpets/rugs.4. Storing combustible items (e.g. gas, oily rags, paints, etc.) in your apartment is strictly prohibited.5. You must always evacuate the building via the stairs when fire bells sounds, utiliz-ing the exit closest to you. Do not use the elevator. I. Guest Policy1. In 517 West 121st, Whittier and Bancroft Halls, resident is responsible to ensure that every guest is registered at the Front Desk each time they enter the building. 2. All guests must have a photo ID.3. Resident may request a guest pass for his/her guest and guest may utilize a guest pass authorizing entry up to 14 days per month. Guest passes are issued by The Office of Residential Services, in its sole discretion.4. Resident is legally, contractually and/or financially responsible for all actions of their guest(s).5. At any time, The Office of Residential Services may refuse to permit a guest en-try to the premises for any reason or no reason.J. Harassment1. Teachers College does not tolerate harassment in any form. Please refer to the College's policy found in the Student Handbook.K. Keys and Locks1. Resident may not add or replace locks on any residential door that is associated with the College.2. Resident keys will not be made available to anyone other than the assigned resi-dent and unit occupants listed in III-A.