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20Mail/Package DistributionContinuedPackagesBancroft, Grant, Sarasota, 517 West 121st and Whittier Halls:. Residents should have packages addressed to the mailing addresses outlined above.. Packages are received at the Residential Mailroom (Whittier Hall, 1st floor).. A package notification e-mail informing the resident of the delivery of a package is sent to the resident's TC Gmail account and/or the resident will receive a phone call informing him/her that a package has arrived. . To pick up a package, present your package number and picture ID at the Residential Mailroom (Whittier Hall 1st floor). . The hours of operation for the mailroom are noted on the mailroom door, in the package received email, on the mailroom voicemail and on bulletin boards in the residence halls. The Residential Mailroom has limited hours on Saturdays during the summer and hours are abbreviated or the mailroom is closed during College holidays. . Due to the limited space available in the mailroom for storage, packages should be claimed within 4 days of delivery or the package may be returned to its sender.MaintenanceThroughout the year, members of the offices of Facilities, Residential Services, Telecommunications, and Public Safety may need to access rooms and apart-ments to address maintenance concerns, perform upgrades or for any reason related to the safety, health, and welfare of our community. When possible, residents will be given notification of scheduled maintenance work. In case of maintenance emergencies, residents will be notified as soon as possible. A notice that the unit has been entered and work has been completed will be left on the unit or apartment door. For routine maintenance, residents should submit requests online via the Office of Residential Services website ( under Resident Services and click the appropriate. maintenance request. The user will be asked to enter location, contact information, and the nature of the work to be accomplished. The system will generate a temporary reference number and, once accepted, a work order number for each request. Either of these can be used to track the status of a request. Only one request should be submitted per work order. (Please note: work orders are reviewed approximately every hour during normal business hours.)For maintenance emergencies (where there is a threat of injury or property damage) that occur during scheduled business hours, please contact Facilities immediately at x3010. For maintenance emergencies that occur after scheduled business hours or on weekends, please contact the front desk in your respective area.. 517 West 121st front desk: 212-870-6100 (x6100). Bancroft, Grant, and Sarasota desk: 212-678-3227 (x3227). Whittier front desk: 212-678-3220 (x3220)Residents who experience a significant delay in the completion of the work should stop by the Office of Residential Services, call x3235, or email, so that our staff may follow up on the original request.

21Posting PolicyResidents may not affix any signage, handbill, sticker, advertisement, decoration, or other covering on any common walls, the exterior of the room/apartment door (building corridor side) or on the interior of the room/apartment window(s) with wording or designs facing the outside. A clip is affixed to every room/apartment door for personalization or items distributed by Residential Services staff.For permission to post on Residential Services' bulletin boards or to leave fliers on desk countertops, residents must submit a copy of their flier or advertisement to the Assistant Director for Community Development (Whittier Hall, Suite 1B) or the Residential Services Coordinator (Bancroft Hall, 101) to be stamped and approved. Radiator CoversRadiators are present in Bancroft, Grant, Sarasota and Whittier Halls. Radiator covers are not provided; they can be purchased at most local hardware stores.RecyclingIn accordance with New York City's Recycling Program, all of our buildings provide receptacles for recyclable items. These receptacles are located in each basement or on the individual floors. Use clear bags, bins labeled "mixed paper" or any bin with the "NYC Recycles" green decal to recycle paper and cardboard. These items include:. Newspapers. Magazines and catalogs. Phone books and paperbacks. Smooth cardboard and cardboard tubes. Paper and envelopes. Pizza boxes (empty). Notepads. File folders. Cardboard boxes. Shredded paper. Paper bags. Paper/cardboard egg cartons. Corrugated cardboardUse clear bags, bins labeled "bottles and cans" or any bin with the "NYC Recycles" blue decal to recycle beverage cartons, bottles, can, metal and foil. These items include:. Milk and juice cartons/drink boxes. Glass jars and bottles. Plastic bottles and jugs. Wire hangers. Foil products. Metal cans and lids. Empty aerosol cans. Household metal itemsContinued