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18KeysAdditional KeysTo maintain secure buildings for our residents, the duplication of any key is not permitted. In addition, additional locking devices may not be installed on any bedroom, suite or apartment door. Residents in family housing designated units in Bancroft, Grant or Sarasota may request an additional key (3rd key) through the Office of Residential Services. Mailbox KeysAll residents are issued one mailbox key per unit. Note: The apartment key for 517 West 121st will also grant access to the student mailbox.Lost KeysIf any key is lost, residents should proceed to the Office of Residential Ser-vices and complete a Lost Key Form. The Lost Key form may also be filled out electronically under the housing tab on the MyTC portal. The loss of a key will require the locking core to be replaced and new key(s) to be issued to the resident; residents will be charged a replacement fee of $125 per apartment/suite/bedroom lock and $20 per mailbox lock Broken KeysResidents will be charged $20 for replacement of a bent or broken key pro-vided that the damaged key is presented at the time of the request.LockoutsYou may obtain a loaner room/suite key by showing your TC identification at the security desk that serves your area. A loaner key will only be checked out to the resident of that unit or a registered affiliate. Loaner keys should be returned to the front desk within thirty minutes. If the loaner key is lost or is not returned in the allotted time frame, the replacement of the unit's locking core will be necessary. In this circumstance, the resident will be charged the appropriate replacement fee as outlined in the section above. If a staff member has to open a unit for a resident or a guest of a resident, a $25 charge will be applied to the resident's student account. A loaner key may not be checked out to guests.

19Laundry FacilitiesWashing machines and dryers are located in the basements of 517 West 121st's North building, Bancroft, Grant, Sarasota, and Whittier Halls. The machines will accept quarters or residents may use a credit card or debit card for the machines. Please be courteous to other residents by immediately removing clothing from the washers and dryers. Also, please leave all laundry carts in the laundry room. They are for use in the laundry room only and should not be used for transport of laundry to a room/apartment. Problems with these machines as well as any issue regarding the loss of funds and/or refunds should be reported to MacGray at 1-800-622-4729.LaundryView is an Internet application that will allow you to monitor the status of washers and dryers in your laundry room through a Web browser. Your browser display is refreshed once a minute or whenever you click the Refresh icon. A machine is "Available" if it is not currently running a cycle. "In Use" means it is running. "Unavailable" means that LaundryView has detected a problem with the machine and has notified Mac-Gray that service is required. Notifications work two ways: If a laun-dry room is busy, you can request to be notified when a specified number of washers and/or dryers are no longer running a laundry cycle and / or if you have laundry in a washer or dryer, you can request to be notified when your load of laundry has completed its washing or drying cycle. To use the LaundryView service, please visit the following website: DistributionMailMailboxes are located on the first floor of each residential building. Any mail delivered to the wrong box should be returned to the Residential Mailroom (Whittier and New Residence Hall) or the Bancroft security desk (Bancroft, Grant and Sarasota) for redistribution. Mail must be addressed properly to avoid delays in delivery. Mailing addresses are as follows::517 West 121st: Bancroft Hall: Grant Hall:517 West 121st Street 509 West 121st Street 514 West 122nd StreetApt # Apt. # Apt. #New York, NY 10027 New York, NY 10027 New York, NY 10027Sarasota Hall: Whittier Hall: 512 West 122nd Street 1230 Amsterdam Ave.Apt # Apt. # New York, NY 10027 New York, NY 10027 Continued