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11Electricity Charges517 West 121st, Whittier Hall and two-bedroom shared units (single students) in Grant and Bancroft: Students residing in these facilities are not responsible for electricity charges; electricity is built in to the housing fee.Bancroft, Sarasota and Grant family units: Electricity charges are billed directly to the resident by Con Edison. Upon moving in, students should contact Con Edison to set up an account via phone at 1-800-75-CONED 1-800-752-6633. To view your bill and make a payment, you may visit Con Edison's website at Before moving out, students must close their Con Edison account. Students may do this online at by clicking on "my account" and following the instructions. It will prompt you to enter the date you wish the account to be closed. You MUST enter the vacate date unless you have been granted an extension. If you have been granted an extension, please indicate that date. Failure to close your account will be documented as "improper check out" and will result in a fine. If you need assistance or further clarification on this process, please contact the Office of Residential Services at 212-678-3235.Eligibility for HousingIn order to be eligible for student housing, students must be enrolled in a degree program at Teachers College and be registered for classes. To maintain housing eligibility, residents must be enrolled and register for a minimum of 9 credits or equivalent each semester (Fall and Spring). Two-thirds of each semester's credits (6 points per term) must be earned course credits (i.e. not Certificates of Equivalency). Semester courses that are defined by the Registrar as full-time, qualify a resident for full-time status. Housing contracts extend for one calendar year beginning with Summer A term. Any resident who completes eighteen credits during the fall and spring semesters combined (or 9 credits during the Spring semester for students who begin residency in the spring) is not required to register for summer sessions and may remain in the residence hall, but must re-enroll for the upcoming fall semester and live in Teachers College housing for the upcoming fall semester. To remain eligible for summer housing if a resident is vacating in the summer (at the conclusion of Summer A or Summer B) the resident must be enrolled for the summer or have documentation from the College demonstrating an affiliation with the College during the summer. If the resident is teaching in public schools or has dependents in public schools, the resident is permitted to remain in housing until the conclusion of Summer A. EmailThroughout the year, the Office of Residential Services will send out important announcements and information to residents via email. Emails will be sent to your TC Gmail account ( Please check that account on a regular basis or auto-forward e-mails to an account that you do check regularly to ensure that you receive this information. Students are responsible for being aware of official messages sent to that account. Teachers College expects that every student will receive email at his or her College email address and will read email on a frequent and consistent basis. A student's failure to receive and read College communications in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.

12ExterminationTo request extermination for your room or apartment, residents should submit requests online via the Office of Residential Services website under the Resident Services menu maintenance request.The user will be asked to enter location, contact information, and the nature of the work to be accomplished. The system will generate a temporary reference number and, once accepted, a work order number for each request. Either of these can be used to track the status of a request. Pest control personnel are present on campus during most business days.Fire Alarm Evacuation ProceduresWhen the fire alarm bells sound:. Remain calm.. Turn off all electrical appliances, turn off gas stoves and shut windows.. Extinguish all smoking materials.. Carefully touch the top of the door. If it is hot, do not open the door. Also, if the hallway is filled with blinding smoke, wait for help. Call 3333 for TC Public Safety and provide your name, phone number and location. o Place wet towels under bottom of door. o Open window and signal for help. o Stay near the floor, where visibility will be better & air less toxic. o Periodically call out loud for help so rescue workers can locate you. o Keep a flashlight handy.. If you are able to evacuate, shut and lock the door as you leave. Ensure no occupants remain in your room/apartment. Wear appropriate clothing for weather conditions. If you have a flashlight, bring it with you.o Knock on the doors to the left and right of your room/apartment to ensure your neighbors are aware of evacuation.o If the halls of your building are filled with smoke, stay as close to the floor as possible and crawl if necessary.o Breathe through a wet towel or your hand.o Use fire exits, which are clearly marked. Walk down the stairway to the lobby exits. o DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.When exiting the building, please follow the procedures for your area listed below:Bancroft Hall:. Walk down the nearest stairway to the lobby exit. o Residents in the even numbered apartments should use the east staircase (B). o Residents in the odd numbered apartments should use the west staircase (A). . Upon exiting the building, please retreat to the northwest corner of 121st Street and Amsterdam. . Always follow the direction of Residential Services, Public Safety, Fire Department or Police Department staff. . DO NOT USE THE ELEVATOR. Continued